How To Block WhatsApp Calls on Any Device?

How To Block WhatsApp Calls on Any Device? When our digital lives are busy, the constant influx of calls can be overwhelming. For WhatsApp users looking for respite from ringing tones, blocking calls is a welcome option.

The ability to block WhatsApp calls on any device can be a game-changer whether you are trying to create a quiet workspace for focused work or simply want to manage your communication preferences.

Our goal in this blog post is to demonstrate how to effectively block WhatsApp calls, giving you the control you need to manage your communication preferences.

Can I block WhatsApp calls only?

There is a way to disable WhatsApp calls, but WhatsApp does not offer a way to block only voice calls. In order to disable voice calls on WhatsApp, you need to download an older version of WhatsApp that doesn’t have VoIP calling.

You can do this by using third-party applications. The following methods can be used:

Download the Old Version of WhatsApp: 

You can download the old WhatsApp version as previous versions did not have a VoIP WhatsApp calling feature.

However, you should back up all your WhatsApp chats before uninstalling the latest version.

After backing up your chats, you can uninstall the current WhatsApp and download the old WhatsApp version from here. You must install the old WhatsApp version on your phone and enter your number.

Then tap on ‘Restore’ to restore your conversations, media, and videos. It will also be possible to disable WhatsApp calling.

Use Third-Party Apps: 

If you wish to turn off WhatsApp calling, you can use third-party apps. GBWhatsApp, a modified version of the official WhatsApp, provides hundreds of features that the official WhatsApp does not.

You can use GBWhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp as you get features such as hiding blue ticks, changing themes and fonts.

How do I stop receiving calls on WhatsApp without blocking?

Here’s how to mute the incoming call notifications for a specific contact to stop receiving calls on WhatsApp without blocking.

  1. To mute a contact, open the chat window with them.
  2. Click on the contact’s name at the top of the screen.
  3. Select “Custom Notifications”.
  4. “Ringtone” and “Vibrate” should be toggled off.

Incoming calls will not be notified to you once the contact has been muted. However, you will still receive messages from them.

To stop receiving messages from the contact as well, use the Mute feature instead. As a result, you will not be notified when the contact sends you messages and calls. # stop receiving calls on WhatsApp without blocking

How to Disable WhatsApp Calls on iPhone and Android?

On iPhone and Android, WhatsApp doesn’t offer a feature to disable calls. However, you can block individual contacts or use a third-party app to block incoming calls.

Using any of these methods, you will not receive calls from your contacts. # Disable WhatsApp Calls

You can disable WhatsApp calls using the following two methods:

>> Disable Calls on WhatsApp Via Blocking

If you want to stop getting calls on WhatsApp, block the fussy contact who calls you regularly. If you just want to ignore that contact completely, then this method works for you.

You will not be able to exchange messages, calls, status updates, or media files with each other. However, all other WhatsApp contacts can still call you.

The following steps will guide you through the process of blocking a WhatsApp contact to disable WhatsApp calls:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Block the person in the chat by opening the chat.
  • In the top right corner, tap the three vertical dots.
  • To learn more, click More.
  • Block should be clicked.
  • To confirm your action, tap Block in the prompt on your screen.

It does not notify the contact when you block him or her on WhatsApp. However, the contact is not able to see your display picture or last seen status anymore. # Disable WhatsApp Calls

>> Disable Calls on WhatsApp Without Blocking

With these tools, you don’t block your contacts, and you can reach them in all other ways except calls. However, once you disable calls on WhatsApp, you won’t receive any calls from them.

There is another third-party app called GBWhatsApp, which adds additional features and capabilities to WhatsApp that it does not have in its original form.

Additionally to interface customization options, GBWhatsApp allows you to block voice and video calls from your contacts. This allows you only to exchange texts, voice messages, pictures, and videos.

Block WhatsApp Calls

There is one downside to this method: GBWhatsApp is only available for Android phones. Furthermore, you must download its APK from a website rather than from the Play Store.

If you want to learn how to disable WhatsApp calls through GBWhatsApp, you need to follow these steps:

  • You must back up your WhatsApp chats before switching to GBWhatsApp.
  • You can download GBWhatsApp’s APK file from any trusted website by searching for it on the web.
  • Get GBWhatsApp for Android and install it.
  • Restore all your data, including media files and chat backup, by using your same phone number.
  • In the top right corner, click on the three vertical dots.
  • Below the list of options, click Settings.
  • Click on the GB Settings button.
  • Select Other MODS.
  • Voice calls can be disabled by selecting Disable.

This will prevent you from receiving WhatsApp calls, but you will still be able to chat with your contacts. # Disable WhatsApp Calls

How can I block incoming calls from my WhatsApp?

When you block a person on Whatsapp, you have to know that they will no longer be able to make any calls to you, nor will they be able to send you any more photos.

In short, they will not be able to contact you through this application in any way. You can carry out this action by doing the following from this menu:

  • When you open the WhatsApp application, look at the upper right corner where it will show you three vertical points. Click on them, and a menu will appear with different options for you to choose from. Choose ‘Settings’ from the list that appears.
  • Upon entering the settings menu, select the ‘Account’ option, then choose the ‘Privacy’ section, and when you enter there, scroll down until you reach the ‘Blocked contacts’ section, and click on it.
  • When you go to the ‘Blocked contacts’ option, you must locate yourself in the upper right part of the screen and you will find a section. You can insert the names of the contacts you want to block in this section when you click on it.
  • If you click on the person you want to block from your contact list, it will automatically be blocked and you will no longer have to worry about it.

You should consider this as an option before making the decision to do so, since you will be blocking not only video calls but all other features in the app as well, in addition to video calls. # block incoming calls from my WhatsApp

How to Block WhatsApp Calls on an iPhone?

Despite WhatsApp’s lack of a built-in option to disable the intergraded audio and video calls, it does provide users with the option of muting all incoming WhatsApp calls when do not disturb mode is enabled on their iPhones.

If you enable the Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone and use the WhatsApp beta for iOS app, you will be able to muffle calls, but it will only be available to iPhone users running iOS 15 and later.

In WhatsApp call logs, if the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode is enabled, any incoming calls that have been muted when they are being received can be identified by the label “Silenced by Do Not Disturb.”.

You can follow these steps in order to block WhatsApp calls while using an iPhone:

  1. Download WhatsApp to your iPhone and open it.
  2. Select Chats from the menu.
  3. To block a contact, select it.
  4. To open a contact’s profile, tap their name.
  5. On the Block Contact page, scroll down and tap it.
  6. Confirm Block by tapping it.

If you prefer, you can disable all WhatsApp notifications, including calls, by following these steps:

  1. Your iPhone’s settings can be found there.
  2. In the Notifications section, tap on Notifications.
  3. You can access WhatsApp by scrolling down and tapping it.
  4. Disable Allow Notifications.

What does cancelled call mean on WhatsApp?


There is no doubt that it is essential that you have the ability to curate your communication experience in the dynamic landscape of instant messaging.

It is possible to block WhatsApp calls on any device so that users can manage interruptions and make a more focused and personalized digital space by controlling when and how they receive calls.

The intricacies of our interconnected world add a layer of convenience to our everyday lives as we navigate the intricacies of our world.

The ability to block WhatsApp calls gives users the power to tailor their communication landscape based on their preferences, whether it is for work, relaxation, or simply keeping a sense of order. Take control of your WhatsApp calling experience today by embracing the freedom of choice.

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