How to Fix Amazon orders not showing? Complete Guide

How to Fix Amazon orders not showing? Amazon is one of the most famous online shopping platforms in the world. With its wide variety of products and convenient services, it has become a favorite among millions of shoppers.

However, even the most reliable systems can encounter hiccups from time to time, and one frustrating issue that many Amazon users have encountered is orders not showing up in their account.

If you’ve ever had the perplexing situation of an Amazon order not appearing where it should, you know how disruptive it can be. But fear not, as we’re here to walk you through the process of fixing Amazon orders not showing.

You can find practical solutions for your Amazon order problems, whether it’s missing orders or delayed information, in this blog. # Amazon orders not showing

About Amazon orders

During checkout, customers provide their shipping and payment information, review their order details, and confirm their purchase through Amazon’s marketplace.

The confirmation email you receive from Amazon after your order has been placed serves as both a confirmation and a reference for tracking your order.

The “Your Orders” section of your Amazon account contains detailed information about your past and current orders, including your order number, item details, shipping address, estimated delivery date, and payment information. Upon placing your order, you can track the progress of it.

You can also contact customer support, request returns, and initiate refunds through this section in addition to viewing order details, order status, shipping updates, and tracking numbers.

Tracking an Amazon Package:

 The tracking number and delivery updates can be found in Your Orders on Amazon. Follow these steps to find your tracking information:

  • You can find your orders by going to Your Orders.
  • Locate the order you wish to track.
  • Your order can be tracked by selecting the Track Package option.
  • Track the progress of your delivery by viewing all updates.

Understanding Tracking and Shipping Options: 

Some packages, such as standard international deliveries, may not be trackable. This will depend on your chosen shipping method.

Understanding Common Delivery Statuses:

  • Arriving: Your package is on its way to you.
  • Out for delivery: Your package will be delivered today.
  • Delivered: Your package has been delivered.
  • Undeliverable: If your package is showing in this state, follow the instructions at Undeliverable Packages.

Finding Your Orders in the Amazon App: 

Choose “Your Orders.” The following screen will display a list of orders you’ve placed through Amazon in reverse chronological order (newest at the top).

Searching Your Amazon Order History: 

The best way to search your Amazon order history is to open Amazon on the web and click Orders in the top right corner.

Below your list of previous orders, you’ll see a search box. Type your search terms in this box and click Search Orders.

It is important to note that these instructions are general and may vary slightly depending on your location and the version of the Amazon app.

Whenever you have questions or concerns about your personal Amazon order, you should contact Amazon’s customer service.

Where did orders go on Amazon app?

Your orders may appear differently in the Amazon mobile app depending on your app version and your device (iOS or Android). # Where did orders go on Amazon app

Below are some general instructions for finding your orders in the Amazon mobile app:

For iOS (iPhone/iPad):

  1. On your iOS device, launch the Amazon app.
  2. To open the main menu, tap the three horizontal lines (resembling a hamburger icon) or the Amazon logo in the upper left corner.
  3. Tap on “Your Orders” or a similar option in the main menu to access your order history.
  4. Orders: You will now see a list of recent and past orders. You can tap on any order for details, tracking, and other actions.

For Android:

  1. Download the Amazon app for Android and launch it.
  2. To open the main menu, tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the app.
  3. You can access your order history by tapping on “Your Orders” or a similar option in the main menu.
  4. Click on an order to view its details, track its shipment, or perform other actions related to that order.

It is important to note that the app’s interface may be updated over time, so if the “Your Orders” option doesn’t appear, try searching for a similar label like “Orders,” “Order History,” or using the search feature within the app.

It’s a good idea to update the app to the latest version from the app store on your device if you have an older version. # Where did orders go on Amazon app

How To Fix Amazon Orders Not Showing?

In order to solve the issue where orders placed on Amazon are not visible, please follow these steps:

Check Your Internet Connection

It is essential that your internet connection is always stable and reliable. Amazon pages, especially the “Your Orders” page, may have difficulty loading if your internet connection is unreliable or fluctuates.

If you’re experiencing connectivity problems, restarting your internet connection may help. Rebooting your modem or router may help fix your intermittent internet connection.

It is also important to test the speed of your internet connection. You may not be able to access or use the Amazon app if you have a slow Internet connection.

Check The Order Status

It is best to check your Amazon item’s status first if it hasn’t arrived. After logging in to your Amazon account, you can find this option under the “Your Orders” section. This section displays all of your recent orders, along with their current status, for your viewing pleasure.

Your order may take a while to appear in your account if Amazon hasn’t finished processing it yet. Amazon receives and processes a large number of orders every day, so it may take time for your order status to change.

Amazon orders not showing

Log Out And In

You can try refreshing the page or signing out and logging back in if your order still isn’t showing up on the website or app after you have checked the order status.

Technical difficulties may prevent orders from being displayed on the website or app.

Your computer browser will automatically update the page if you click the “refresh” button.

You can log out of the website or app and then back in by clicking “Sign Out” in the section titled “Your Account”. If you want to log back in, use your original email address and password.

Clear Browser Cache

It may be necessary to refresh the page or log out and back in again if clearing your browser’s cache and cookies does not resolve the problem.

In contrast, your browser’s cache stores temporary files from websites you have visited, while cookies store information about your browsing history.

If you’re experiencing problems with the functionality of a website or app, try deleting the cache and cookies from your browser. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Let’s begin by launching Google Chrome.
  • Select three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Clear the browser history by clicking the More tools button.
  • Use the drop-down menu at the top to select a time range. To remove everything, choose All time.
  • Make sure the checkboxes next to “Cookies” and “Cache” are checked.
  • The next step is to choose to clear the data.

Validating Amazon’s Country Settings

A lack of Amazon orders can be caused by incorrect country settings in your Amazon account. This is often ignored as a possible explanation, but it is extremely important to update the country settings associated with your Amazon account if you have recently relocated or are making purchases through a different Amazon website.

You can check your Amazon country settings by following these steps:

  • Once you have navigated to Manage Your Content and Devices, click the Preferences tab.
  • Changing the country settings is as easy as clicking the Change button.
  • Once your address has been entered or selected, click on the Update button.

Use the search box on the “Your Orders” page

In order to find the necessary order, it will help to enter specific and exact search phrases on Amazon’s “Your Orders” page.

If you’re looking for a specific product, order number, or seller, you can use the search box there.

When searching for orders placed at a specific time, make sure you have the right date range selected in the filters. If you don’t pay attention to the dates, you might not be able to locate any orders.

Remove Browser Extensions

Having trouble seeing Amazon orders on your browser? Try disabling add-ons in your browser. Add-ons have been reported to interfere with Amazon orders not showing up.

Your browser can be disabled by disabling add-ons

  • The three vertical dots on the browser’s toolbar are your guide to accessing the menu.
  • Select Extensions from the Tools menu to access the Extensions options.
  • It takes just one click to disable and remove an add-on by deselecting its Enabled checkbox.

Uninstall And Reinstall The Amazon App

Infrequent app malfunctions may delay the processing of your orders. Try reinstalling the app if your Amazon purchases aren’t showing up in the app.

Reinstalling the Amazon app is as easy as deleting it and reinstalling it:

  • By tapping and holding the Amazon icon, the “Uninstall” menu will appear on a mobile device.
  • Click on the “Remove” or “Uninstall” button to remove the app.
  • To reinstall the Amazon app, go to the app store and search for “Amazon.” To do so, click “Install,” then follow the on-screen instructions.

Contact Support

In the event that you have followed all of the above steps but your Amazon orders have not yet arrived, you should contact Amazon’s customer service department.

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In the world of e-commerce, a seamless shopping experience is essential, and Amazon aims to provide just that. It is important to remember that there are solutions at your fingertips if you are experiencing frustration over Amazon orders not showing up.

However, technical glitches and occasional order display issues can disrupt the convenience Amazon is known for. In order to ensure that your Amazon shopping experience remains smooth and hassle-free, you should follow the steps in this guide to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Although technology can sometimes fail, you are just a few clicks away from overcoming these challenges.

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