How to Fix PS4 Controller Orange/Yellow Light Issue?

How to Fix PS4 Controller Orange/Yellow Light Issue? A beloved console for gamers, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) has brought countless hours of entertainment and joy to gamers over the years.

The DualShock 4 controller has become an extension of every gamer’s hand and is at the heart of this experience.

When, however, you encounter the frustrating issue of your PS4 controller showing an orange or yellow light and not working as expected, what do you do? # PS4 Controller Orange/Yellow Light Issue

This blog explores the potential causes of the orange/yellow light problem on the PS4 controller and offers practical solutions.

We’ve got you covered, whether you’re experiencing connectivity issues, battery issues, or more complex technical glitches.

In this read, you’ll find out how to troubleshoot and resolve orange/yellow light issues on the PS4 controller and reclaim your gaming joy. # PS4 Controller Orange/Yellow Light Issue

What Is the Ps4 Controller Yellow Light?

There is nothing wrong with your system if the yellow light emanating from your PlayStation 4 controller is an indication from the controller itself.

There’s a yellow light on the PS4 controller that I call the “Dualshock light bar,” or “light bar indicator.” When it appears, it means the internal battery of the controller needs to be recharged.

The user should connect their Dualshock 4 to their PS4 console via a USB cord when this light appears. This will turn off the yellow light when the Dualshock 4 is sufficiently charged.

If you’ve ever wondered why your PS4 controller has turned yellow, now you know: It’s simply a warning sign that it needs to be recharged soon!

Common Causes of the Yellow Light on PS4

DualShock 4 controllers work perfectly with PS4s, and you can even get them to work with PCs with some tinkering.

But sometimes they exhibit the yellow light of death, which can be quite frightening.

There are several possible causes for the yellow light of death, but here are the most common:

  • When your controller’s battery is low, it won’t connect properly and will display a yellow light.
  • The yellow light can be triggered if your controller becomes overheated from prolonged use.
  • You may see a yellow light on the controller’s face if you have a poor connection or you are using a wireless controller.

PS4 controllers can cause the yellow light to flash. Whatever the cause may be, it’s important to identify it as soon as possible so you can repair or replace the affected hardware—for example, if it’s a low battery issue, you just need to recharge your controller or use new batteries.

How to Fix PS4 Controller Orange/Yellow Light Error?

Restart your PS4 controller and console

In addition to the PS4 controller, restarting the console or other device can resolve most of the console or other device problems.

You can restart the PS4 console and controller at the same time. Press the power button on the PS4 console and hold it for a few seconds.

This will restart the console. The power can also be turned off and on to restart the console.

Once the console has been restarted, disconnect the Dual Shock controller and reconnect it. If there were any temporary bugs, the issues will be resolved.

Reset the Dual Shock controller

Usually, orange and yellow lights are related to the controller. In the above method, we only reconnected the Dual Shock Controller.

In this method, we reset the controller. Follow along.

On the backside of the controller, there is a reset button. It can be found inside the small hole on the back. Find the reset button. It will be near L2.

Use the SIM card ejector pin or a similar tool. Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds, then restart the console.

When the DualShock controller has been turned on, press the Playstation Button.

Replace controller batteries

If the PS4 controller has no power, it may not work as intended. Damaged batteries or worn-out batteries may have something to do with the issue.

Replacing the battery is the easiest of all the other options. Remove the batteries and replace them with a 2 AA battery that has more power.

In the absence of a new battery, you may be able to swap the position of the batteries. If the issue is resolved, you may need to get new batteries, otherwise you can proceed to the next step.

Replace your Dualshock 4 cable

Most of the time, USB cables are to blame. If you are using a different USB cable, it could be causing the yellow/orange light error.

You can test the cable with other devices, if they work fine, the cable is fine as well.

Alternatively, you might have compatibility issues if you’re using a non-official USB cable. If the light changes from yellow/orange to white/blue, then the cable was to blame.

If it still doesn’t work, then try using another cable.

PS4 Controller Orange/Yellow Light Issue

Reset your PS4 console

You can also reset the Console if resetting the Controller doesn’t work. It will also eliminate any connection issues. 

Follow the steps below to accomplish this:

  • We have already discussed how to boot the PS4 into safe mode, so you can follow those steps. 
  • When you enter safe mode, you should see an option to Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software). 
  • Your controller will prompt you to confirm your selection by pressing the X button. 
  • Resetting your console will erase your settings and data, as well as reinstall the system software. 

Boot PS4 In Safe Mode

Using safe mode may be able to fix your PS4’s issues. Follow the steps below to try it.

  • To turn off your PS4, press the Power button. 
  • Upon hearing two beeps, press and hold the PS4 Power button; release it after hearing the second. 
  • Connect the USB cable to your PS4 controller. 
  • Connect the controller to the console and press the PS button. 
  • You will be booted into safe mode when you do this. 
  • To restart your PS4, select the first option, Restart PS4, and press the X button on your controller. 
  • Check if you are still experiencing the issue. 

Check Controllers input Signal

Using this method, we will try plugging the PS4 controller into a PC and see if it works properly or not. If all the above methods have failed, the issue may be with the hardware.

By using USB or Bluetooth, connect the Dual Shock controller to your PC. Find the control panel in your computer.

Go to “devices and printers” settings, then right click on the Wireless Controller and choose controller settings.

You can use Bluetooth and other device settings. Check that each button works by pressing it and select properties.

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Replace Or Repair PS4 Controller

If none of it works, then it might indicate that the PS4 controller is faulty. If that’s the case, it will need to be repaired or replaced.

When testing your PS4 controller, connect it to another PS4 console. If you don’t have a PS4 console, use the PS4 console to test its input signal.

You can do this by following the steps below:

  • By using the USB cable that comes with the controller, connect it to your PC. 
  • Open the Start Menu on your PC by pressing the Windows key. 
  • Search for Control Panel in the Start Menu and open it. 
  • Go to the Devices and Printers section of the Control Panel now.
  • Right-click on your controller from the list of devices and select Game Controller Settings. 
  • From here, go to the Properties page. 
  • Test your screen now by pressing the buttons and seeing if you receive a response. 

There is a possibility that the conductive ribbon film strip of the controller is causing the PS button not to work if all the other buttons work.

In this case, you will need to replace it. If you can open the controller yourself, you can purchase this strip and replace it yourself or hire an expert.

After connecting the controller to the PC, if it doesn’t respond, then the controller is faulty, and there’s no other solution than replacing it.


You might have initially encountered the dreaded orange or yellow light issue on your PS4 controller, but as we’ve discussed in this blog, it is often an issue that can be solved once you know the right steps to take.

Whether it’s charging your controller, resetting the device, or addressing connectivity issues, there are solutions available.

You can quickly resolve this issue and return to the immersive world of gaming on your PlayStation 4 by following the troubleshooting tips and exploring the possible causes.

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