How To Disable Verizon Smart Family As A Child?

How To Disable Verizon Smart Family As A Child? This blog post will tell you how to disable Verizon Smart Family when you are a child.

Parental control apps like Verizon Smart Family play an important role in managing and monitoring children’s online activities in today’s digital age.

Some children, however, may feel the need to turn off or remove these monitoring tools for various reasons. # Disable Verizon Smart Family As A Child

Here you’ll find information on how to disable Verizon Smart Family if you’re a child or parent interested in learning more.

Disabling Verizon Smart Family from a child’s perspective involves examining both the technical and interpersonal elements involved. Join us as we explore the methods and considerations.

A VPN won’t work all the time and might even be blocked by Verizon Smart Family. You will have to sign up for a Verizon account and sign up for a plan on your own to bypass Verizon Smart Family.

What Is Verizon Smart Family?

As a parental control tool, Verizon Smart Family gives you the ability to manage the smartphones of your children using an app on your own phone.

Location Tracking: This feature allows you to keep track of how your child is doing by monitoring his or her location.

Screen Time Management: Make sure that you keep an eye on your children’s time spent on their phones.

Content Filters: These are programs that allow you to block certain websites or content from being accessed.

Text Monitoring: Watch their text messages in order to keep track of what they are saying.

Call Monitoring: Monitor incoming and outgoing calls.

Internet Pausing: In this case, you will be able to temporarily pause your internet connection.

If you’re looking for a way to get started with Verizon Smart Family, here are some steps you can take:


It’s important that you confirm your eligibility for Smart Family by checking your My Verizon account. Smart Family is for people with Verizon plans with 10 or fewer lines.

Device Compatibility

It is compatible with Android devices running OS 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer, and iOS devices running iOS 10 or newer, whichever is the latest operating system.

Sign Up Process:

  • Parent Phone: To download the Smart Family app, go to Google Play or the Apple App Store and search for Smart Family app. Sign in using your Verizon user ID or phone number and

Can You Bypass Verizon Smart Family?

There are very few instances in which Verizon Smart Family, which includes Verizon’s Smart Family Locator and time restrictions, can be bypassed due to the fact that it is a Verizon product.

Due to the fact that this parental control software is fairly well designed, unlike most other parental control programs, it can sometimes be difficult to get around it.

In order to work around this problem, you will need to know what kind of device you own, how its software is configured, and which version of Smart Family is being used to control the device. # Can You Bypass Verizon Smart Family

Therefore, if nothing else works except changing your phone or getting a new plan, do not be surprised if nothing else works either.

Verizon Smart Family is not easily bypassed or turned off on iPhone or Android, so the only real way to do this would be to get a new Verizon account and a new Verizon plan.

A VPN or the Verizon Smart Family application was able to bypass the older version of Verizon Smart Family, called Family Base, but the method is no longer working in almost all cases, whether it’s installing the app or using a VPN.

How To Disable Verizon Smart Family As A Child?

The following are the steps that need to be followed in order to disable Verizon Smart Family as a child and remove its restrictive controls:

  1. Power off the child device.
  2. Access the Smart Family parent app on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Profiles of family members can be selected based on their relationship.
  4. Choose Manage Controls from the menu.
  5. Ensure that all restrictions, including time restrictions, are disabled.

Also, here’s how you can completely remove the pairing between a parent’s and a child’s device:

  1. On the parent’s device, ensure that Smart Family is installed.
  2. You must have access privileges as an Account Owner or Manager to use the app with a My Verizon user ID or mobile number.
  3. From the Smart Family parent app:
    • On the bottom right, tap the More tab.
    • Choose Profile management from the menu.
    • Profiles of family members can be selected.
    • Tap Pair Status.
    • If you wish to unpair a MDN (phone number), choose the MDN.
    • At the bottom of the screen, tap Disconnect.
    • Once you have reviewed the information, tap Delete to confirm.

It’s important to note that unpairing prevents the child device from receiving location alerts, content filters, and the ability to pause internet.

If you wish, you can uninstall the Companion app as well. # How To Disable Verizon Smart Family As A Child?

These steps are for managing parental controls within the Verizon Smart Family service. If you have any difficulty, you can reach Verizon’s 24/7 automated phone system by dialing *611 from your mobile device.

Disable Verizon Smart Family As A Child

How to Turn Off Verizon Smart Family on iPhone?

We’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking for more freedom or just want to disable Verizon Smart Family features.

With the help of this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to turn off Verizon Smart Family on your iPhone in no time at all.

Step 1: Open the Verizon Smart Family App

In order to disable Verizon Smart Family on your iPhone, you need to locate and launch the Verizon Smart Family app.

This app allows you to easily access Smart Family controls and settings.

  1. Go to your iPhone’s home screen and tap the “App Store” icon.

  2. You can find Verizon Smart Family by typing “Verizon Smart Family” in the search bar and clicking “search”.

  3. To download and install the Verizon Smart Family app, find it and tap “Get.”.

  4. The app can be launched by tapping the icon once it has been installed.

Step 2: Sign In to the Verizon Smart Family App

For you to be able to access Verizon Smart Family settings and controls, you will need to sign into the app using your Verizon account credentials.

If you do not yet have an account, you will need to create one by following the on-screen instructions.

  • Tap “Continue” once you have entered your Verizon mobile number.
  • You will need to enter the verification code you received to verify your identity and then tap the “Continue” button.
  • You can access Verizon Smart Family by entering your account password and clicking “Sign In.”.

Step 3: Disable Verizon Smart Family Controls

When you have signed into the Verizon Smart Family app, you will be able to navigate to the appropriate settings to turn off the features that you want to disable. # Turn Off Verizon Smart Family on iPhone

Here is how you do that:

  1. You can disable Smart Family controls by tapping the appropriate device on the main screen of the app.
  2. Go to the device settings screen and locate the “Controls” section at the bottom.
  3. The “Controls” section includes options like “Time Restrictions,” “Content Filters,” and “Location Tracking.”
  4. To disable each feature, toggle the switches next to it. For example, to disable time restrictions, toggle the switch next to “Time Restrictions”.
  5. If you want to disable more than one feature within Verizon Smart Family, repeat this process.

Step 4: Confirm the Changes

In order to be sure that the changes have been applied successfully, it is always a good idea to double-check that the change you are making has been applied after you have disabled the desired Smart Family features on your iPhone.

  1. Get back to Verizon Smart Family’s main screen.
  2. Once you have selected the device you would like to modify, tap on it.
  3. In the settings of your device, make sure that the features you disabled are indeed disabled.
  4. Customer support at Verizon can assist you if the changes haven’t taken effect or if you encounter any issues.

You can easily turn off Verizon Smart Family on your iPhone in order to gain more control over how your device is used. If you follow these steps, you can easily disable Verizon Smart Family’s various features to suit your needs.

If you ever want to re-enable these features or make further adjustments, you can always return to Verizon Smart Family. # Turn Off Verizon Smart Family on iPhone

How do I temporarily disable my child’s phone Verizon?

Your child’s Verizon phone can be temporarily disabled by contacting Verizon customer service and requesting that the account be suspended.

This will temporarily disable every service on the device, including Voice, Data, and Text Messaging. # temporarily disable my child’s phone Verizon

It is likely that Verizon Customer Service will ask for information regarding your child’s account, such as the account holder’s name, the phone number or account number, and the last four digits of the child’s Social Security number.

You may also need to provide additional verification information, such as the number of your driver’s license.

You can request that the suspension remain in place until you contact Verizon Wireless and have it lifted. If the account is suspended, your child’s phone can no longer make or receive phone calls, text messages, or data on the Verizon Wireless network.

Verizon customer service can re-enable your child’s Verizon phone by requesting that the suspension be lifted.

After the suspension is lifted, your child’s Verizon phone will resume functioning as usual. # temporarily disable my child’s phone Verizon

Why is Verizon parental controls not working?

The first step may be to make sure that your settings are set up properly. If your device has a settings menu or a parental control page, you may need to adjust your settings.

Ensure any associated apps, such as the Safe WiFi app, are properly configured on the device.

In addition to enabling any blocking or filtering rules, make sure that the appropriate devices are included in the filter. This can include custom lists or filtering rules for different types of content.

Add or remove any devices from the home network to the filter in the parental control setup if they are added or removed from the network.

You can often resolve problems associated with the internet connection, as well as any issues related to security software by restarting the device or router connected to the Verizon parental controls service.

To determine if the problem has been resolved, restart the device and activate the parental control service again.

How do I unblock an app on family link as a child?

There are several steps you need to follow if you are a child who uses Google Family Link and wants to unblock an app.

First, make sure you know why the app was blocked in the first place. You may not be able to unblock the app if it was blocked by your parent or guardian due to inappropriate behavior or violations of Family Link’s terms and conditions.

You can, however, ask your parent or guardian to unblock the app if you think it was blocked unintentionally or was ever permitted to be installed.

It is recommended that your parent or guardian log into Family Link on their own device, select Settings, and find the blocked apps box. Uncheck each box that you wish to unblock and click Save again.

You can now use the app without being blocked.

Once the app has been unblocked, you must be sure to follow any Parental Controls your parent or guardian has set up.

This includes limiting your use of the app to what is considered appropriate and adhering to any rules they have set.

In case you are not using the app appropriately, your parent or guardian can block it again at any time.

How do I add minutes to someone else’s Verizon phone?


Ultimately, disabling Verizon Smart Family as a child requires both technical steps and open communication with parents or guardians.

In spite of the temptation for children to bypass parental controls, it is important to remember that these tools are often implemented in order to ensure the safety and well-being of children.

Having open and honest communication with children regarding parental control apps fosters family trust and understanding.

We must strike a balance between safety and autonomy as we navigate the complexities of digital parenting, ensuring that children feel empowered to express their concerns while also respecting parental guidance.

Families can navigate the challenges of the online world more confidently and respectfully when they foster a collaborative approach to digital safety.

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