How To Send Fireworks on WhatsApp? Complete Guide

How To Send Fireworks on WhatsApp? Through messaging apps, we communicate and celebrate with friends and family in a digital age.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, so it continues to introduce new features that enhance the user experience. # Send Fireworks on WhatsApp

As a dynamic and expressive way of conveying joy and excitement, you can send fireworks, which is a delightful addition.

When you have ever wondered how you could ignite a burst of virtual fireworks in your WhatsApp chats, then you can use the following steps to add a spark of celebration to your chats and bring a touch of festivity to your messages.

In this holiday season, the process of sending fireworks through Whatsapp to family, friends, and neighbors is a very important one, especially for those living in the area. # Send Fireworks on WhatsApp

How To Send Fireworks on WhatsApp?

In addition to emojis, stickers, and GIFs, WhatsApp allows you to send fireworks. # Send Fireworks on WhatsApp

Fireworks Sticker on WhatsApp

Here are the steps you need to follow to send a fireworks sticker on WhatsApp:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Get in touch
  3. On the right side of the text box, tap the folded paper icon.
  4. The “+” button is located at the top right of the screen.
  5. Among the packs, look for a fireworks pack.
  6. The download icon can be found next to the pack.
  7. Make sure the sticker browser is closed before closing it.
  8. You can choose the fireworks sticker.
  9. By tapping the icon, you can send the message.

Fireworks GIF on WhatsApp

Following these steps will guide you in sending fireworks GIFs on WhatsApp:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Groups or individuals can engage in conversations.
  3. Click on the folded paper icon.
  4. Select “GIF” from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page.
  5. In the lower left corner, tap the search icon.
  6. Enter “fireworks” in the search bar.
  7. You can choose your favorite fireworks GIF from the results.
  8. To send, click the send button.

Fireworks Emoji on WhatsApp

Send fireworks emojis via WhatsApp by following these steps:

  1. Launch WhatsApp.
  2. Engage in a conversation. # Send Fireworks on WhatsApp
  3. Text input can be accessed by clicking the input box.
  4. Emojis can be selected using your keyboard.
  5. In the emoji list, find the fireworks emoji and select it.
  6. Tap the icon to send the message.

How do I send a GIF on WhatsApp?

Here are the steps for sending a GIF using WhatsApp:

  1. Click here to access WhatsApp.
  2. Whether you want to chat alone or in groups, you can do so.
  3. By tapping the Emoji icon, you can access the Emoji menu.
  4. To view a GIF, click on the “GIF” button at the top of the page.
  5. Using the “Search” button, you can locate specific GIFs.
  6. You can send the GIF you want by tapping it.
  7. Tap the “Send” button to send this message.

In order to check if this feature is available, you must check the version of WhatsApp you are using. # GIF on WhatsApp

What are some other emojis that can be sent on WhatsApp?

Using the Whatsapp app, you can choose from a variety of emojis. Each emoji represents a different feeling or can be used as a unique emoji. 


Emojis are available in WhatsApp in a wide variety of categories. Here are some of the categories WhatsApp supports:


This category consists of emojis and a variety of sports and activities, all of which are related to the sport or activity in question.

Travel & Places:

There will be a variety of emojis included in this section, including ones that represent transportation modes, buildings, and geographical locations.


It is possible to find emojis in this category for all kinds of objects, such as books, tech devices, clothing, and many more.


You can find a variety of emojis that depict people and body parts within this category, including a variety of faces, gestures, and professions that represent different parts of the body and people in general.

Food & Drink:

You can find food and beverage emojis in this category, as well as dinnerware and dining utensils, as well as a wide variety of other food and beverage related emojis.

Fireworks on WhatsApp


Emojis include a variety of symbols, such as shapes, signs, and flags, in this section of the site, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Animals & Nature:

It is important to mention here that there are a lot of different emojis here that depict animals, plants, and natural phenomena.

There is an option for using these emojis when you’re in a chat within WhatsApp. If you tap the emoji icon on your keyboard, you will be able to access these emojis.

Please note that the availability of these emojis will vary depending on the version of WhatsApp you’re using.

Is there a fireworks emoji on WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp’s emoji set, you cannot add an emoji that expresses fireworks in a certain way. However, the app includes a wide range of emojis that convey a wide range of emotions and things.

You can still express celebrations, excitement, and fireworks with the help of other emojis, including the following. Fireworks, Sparkler, Sparkles, and Party Popper are just a few examples of emojis that utilize the idea of fireworks.

The availability of emojis may vary based on your device, as well as your WhatsApp version. While they may not specifically show fireworks as we know them today, emoji can still convey the feeling of jubilation and celebration.

To find out whether there are new emojis available, you should always check to see if there have been any updates and new versions since your last update.

How do you send effects on WhatsApp?

For you to be able to send WhatsApp effects, you need to follow these steps in order to do so:

  1. When you open WhatsApp on your device, you’ll be able to send the effect by navigating to the chat window where you’d like to send it and sending it.
  2. The message can be typed in the usual way.
  3. By using the built-in formatting options of WhatsApp, you can add an effect to your message. 

The WhatsApp app offers a wide variety of formatting effects that you can use to enhance the visual appeal of your messages so that they are more appealing to your recipients.

A text effect can be used to make your text stand out, as well as convey a specific tone of voice. # send effects on WhatsApp

Depending on your device and WhatsApp version, the availability of these formatting options may vary based on the version of WhatsApp you are using on your device.

It is always a good idea to explore the formatting options available within the specific WhatsApp version you are using since newer versions of WhatsApp or updates may introduce new formatting options.

What are some other emojis that can be sent on WhatsApp?

Depending on the type of communication you are having with your friend, you will be able to find this type of emoji in a variety of categories on WhatsApp.

Here is a list of some of the categories available:


There are a wide variety of people and body part emojis in this category, including a variety of faces, gestures, and professions that represent the parts of the body and people.

Animals & Nature:

 These emojis represent a wide variety of animals, plants, and phenomena that can be found in nature.

Food & Drink

Food, beverages, and dining utensils are all included in this category of emojis, which include a variety of emojis that are used with food and beverages.


Various sports and activities are represented in this category, including emojis that correspond to each of them, as well as some useful information about each.

Travel & Places:

There are a number of emojis available here that can be used to represent a number of different modes of transportation, buildings, and geographical locations.


There are a wide range of emojis in this category, including examples of books, technology devices, clothing, and a wide range of other objects as well.


Among the different emoji symbols available in this section, there are all sorts of shapes and signs, as well as flags, to name but a few.

There is an option for using these emojis when you’re in a chat within WhatsApp. If you tap the emoji icon on your keyboard, you will be able to access these emojis. Please note that the availability of these emojis will vary depending on the version of WhatsApp you’re using.

Why can’t I add GIF to WhatsApp?

Here is a list of possible reasons and solutions for why you might not be able to add a GIF to WhatsApp:

Technical issues: 

There may be times when technical problems or temporary glitches affect the smooth running of WhatsApp in certain cases, making the service inaccessible for a period of time.

The best way to resolve any temporary issues that may interfere with the ability to add GIFs to WhatsApp is to close the app completely, restart your device, and relaunch WhatsApp. # Why cannot I add GIFs to WhatsApp when I try to do so?

For further assistance, you may want to check with WhatsApp support or refer to the FAQs on the WhatsApp website if you believe there is a specific issue with your device or WhatsApp installation. In such cases, you might want to get in touch with WhatsApp support or consult the FAQs on the WhatsApp website.

GIF format not supported: 

# Why can’t I add a GIF file to WhatsApp? # Why can’t I add a GIF file to WhatsApp? In the event that the GIF file you wish to add is not in a supported format, you may have to convert it into a GIF before adding it.

Currently, WhatsApp supports the widely used GIF image format (.gif) as one of its supported formats.

WhatsApp version: 

There may be some features that you are not able to access if you are using an older version of WhatsApp, or some GIF functionality that may be limited if you are using an older version.

You can ensure you have the most up-to-date version of WhatsApp on your device by visiting the app store on your device and downloading the most recent version of WhatsApp.

File size limitations: 

In addition to GIF files, WhatsApp also has a limit on the size of files that can be sent. If your GIF is too large, you might want to consider compressing it or using a lower resolution version if it is too big.

Device storage: 

In order for you to add or send GIFs on WhatsApp, you may need to free up some storage space by deleting unnecessary files and applications on your device.

If your device is nearly full, adding or sending GIFs may not be possible.

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In the end, we are approaching the end of the journey we have taken on a virtual celebration through WhatsApp, and the ability to send fireworks to our friends and family gives our digital expressions a powerful and dynamic edge.

Incorporating animated fireworks into your chats in a simple manner ensures that each message becomes an event that is celebrated, as they bring to life the joy of sharing festive moments with loved ones.

You are able to integrate this lively feature into your chats in a simple manner, ensuring that each message becomes a lively celebration.

It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating a birthday, an achievement, or simply having a moment of pure joy, you can let the virtual fireworks on WhatsApp add an exclamation point to your shared happiness.

Send fireworks on WhatsApp to make your everyday chats memorable and exciting. Take advantage of the sparkle, the brilliance, and the sheer fun you will experience if you send fireworks on WhatsApp.

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