How To Watch Instagram Live Anonymously? Right Now

How To Watch Instagram Live Anonymously? The Instagram Live feature allows users to share live videos with their followers and interact with them.

Whether you want to see what someone is doing without interrupting them or just to be curious, you can watch their live broadcast without being noticed.

We’ll examine some effective methods in this article to watch Instagram Live videos discreetly without announcing the broadcaster. Despite Instagram’s lack of native ways to watch live streams stealthily, we have developed some clever tricks.

Considering privacy and consent before diving into these methods is vital, since they may violate someone’s privacy and trust if they are used to watch their live video without their consent.

Let’s begin observing Instagram Live in an ethical and responsible manner using these techniques.

While watching someone’s live video on Instagram, you cannot hide your identity. However, we have a solution for that.

Can Instagram live see who is watching?

When you join, comment, or like a live video, the broadcaster and other viewers can see your username. However, if you do not interact with the live video, your username will disappear from the list of viewers after a few seconds.

Watching Instagram Live anonymously is also possible by changing your username or using another account. 

Is there an official way to watch Instagram live videos without them knowing?

It is not possible to watch Instagram Live anonymously as the person watching your Instagram Live will be able to see your username in the list of viewers as you watch their Instagram Live. This feature is not available on Instagram Live.

Nevertheless, you can watch Instagram live anonymously by creating a new anonymous account, temporarily changing your username and profile picture, using an anonymous account, waiting for IGTV to upload the video, using a fake account, a VPN, a third-party website, incognito mode, public Wi-Fi networks, screen recording, or by turning off the camera and microphone.

How To Watch Instagram Live Anonymously?

Using Instagram Live, users are able to interact with their followers in real time and broadcast live videos to them.

It is worth noting that some people might prefer to watch Instagram Live anonymously, without the broadcaster or other viewers knowing who they are.

There are a few ways to accomplish this, but none of them is official or guaranteed to work. Here are a few possible options:

Use another account

Create a new account with a new username and profile photo, or use someone else’s account that you have access to, and watch the live video from there.

This allows you to avoid being recognized by the broadcaster and other viewers.

Watch the live later

In some cases, you can watch the live video later without anyone knowing if the broadcaster chooses to save it as IGTV video after it ends. However, you may miss some of the live interaction if this is the case.

Don’t interact:

 Your username will only appear for a few seconds when you join a live video with many viewers, and then disappear from the list.

You may not be noticed if you don’t comment or like anything during a live video. However, this is risky and may not work if the broadcaster manually checks the list of viewers.

Change your username

Watch the live video by changing your username and profile picture to something random or generic, and you will not be recognized by the broadcaster or other viewers.

After watching the live video, you must change your username back, otherwise your followers and friends will get confused.

You can change your Instagram username by following these steps:

  1. Your profile can be accessed by opening the Instagram app.
  2. Select Edit Profile from the menu.
  3. Delete your old username by tapping the Username field.
  4. If you want to temporarily use a different username, enter it here.
  5. Make sure you click the Done button at the top right corner of the screen to save your changes.

The following methods are not official or fool-proof. The broadcaster or other viewers may be able to find out your identity through other methods. Use them at your own risk and discretion.

Can I watch Instagram Live on PC?

In order to watch Instagram Live on PC, you need a Chrome extension. In addition to watching Instagram Live on PC, you can also upload images to your Instagram Story using IG Stories for Instagram.

This app lets you watch live videos, stories, and download completed live videos.

This extension allows you to watch Instagram Live on PC by following these steps:

  1. IG Stories for Instagram is available as a Chrome extension.
  2. Your Instagram account can be accessed through the Chrome browser.
  3. You can access the app by clicking its icon at the top of your screen.
  4. Select IG Stories from the menu.
  5. Click on the Live icon next to the user’s username on the IG Stories for Instagram page.

It’s possible we have some functionality issues or risks with this method, so you should use it at your own risk. This method is not officially supported or endorsed by Instagram.

Watch Instagram Live Anonymously

Instagram Live Controls

Instagram gives you a lot of options when it comes to controlling your Instagram Live and Instagram Story sections. You can, for example, select the people you wish to see your story and make any necessary adjustments before going live.

The watch count decreases, but you still see who has been watching.

It’s actually quite simple to use Live Story controls. You just need to do the following:

  1. Swipe right to access the camera in the Instagram app after launching it.
  2. Select the Live option by tapping it once you are inside the camera.
  3. Make the desired tweaks to the Story Controls by tapping the Settings icon in the top-left corner of the Live window.

In order to customize your live stream, select the option “Hide Story From.” This option works for both Instagram stories and live shows, so you can keep some viewers away from tuning in.

When you tap the customization button, you see a list of people you want to avoid. Tap those you want to avoid and click back to the camera.

In the same way that blocked Instagram users cannot see your other content, blocked Instagram users cannot see your Live video.

Website tools that offer to use Instagram anonymously

A website that allows you to enter a user’s username and generate an anonymous username will allow you to watch Instagram live videos without the user knowing. However, the live video will not be visible to the user.

There may, however, be limitations and risks with these websites, such as malware, ads, and privacy violations. Therefore, I do not recommend using them.

If you want to use Instagram anonymously, you should use the official app or website with your own account. Here are some examples of website tools that allow you to do so:

 There are a number of ways in which you can watch and download Instagram stories, reels, and IGTV videos from any public profile. You can also browse popular and trending stories by category on this website.

Stories IG

On this website, you will be able to watch and download Instagram stories from any public profile, and you will also be able to track up to 100 profiles and receive automatic updates on their Instagram stories.

Insta Stories Viewer

With the help of this website, you have access to Instagram stories, highlights, and videos from any public profile on Instagram. You can also use this website to search for profiles by username or hashtag.


 In addition to viewing and downloading Instagram posts, stories, reels, IGTV videos, and live streams from any public profile, this website provides a way for you to search and browse profiles by location, category, or keyword.

In fact, I do not recommend this method since you will have to watch an ad before you are shown the live video, or you will have to do some random things that will redirect you to spammy sites before they show you the live video, so I do not recommend it.

In order to avoid being annoyed by this content lock, it’s best to stay away from such sites. If you prefer, you can use another method as discussed earlier.

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There are various clever methods that you can use to watch Instagram Live without them knowing, so that you can enjoy live broadcasts without alerting them, allowing you to enjoy live broadcasts discreetly without their awareness.

In order to respect online privacy, consent, and ethical behavior, there is, however, a need to emphasize respect for these factors.

If you are considering anonymously viewing someone’s Instagram Live, then you should consider the implications and the possible consequences before using these techniques.

In order to interact meaningfully with their followers, you should respect their privacy and remember that they may have decided to live in order to interact with their followers.

If you would like to watch a live video without being noticed, you can either request permission from the broadcaster or wait for the video to be saved to their Story or IGTV for later viewing if you wish to do so.

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