What Channel Is Fox On DIRECTV? Complete Guide

What Channel Is Fox On DIRECTV? The question is, “What channel is FOX on DIRECTV??” If you own a DIRECTV subscription and enjoy FOX, you might be wondering.

The search for your FOX channel is over. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting the latest episode of your favorite TV show, trying to catch an exciting game, or simply keeping up with the latest news and entertainment.

To help you locate FOX effortlessly on your DIRECTV lineup, we have put together this article. Take a deep breath, get ready to tune in, and let us take you through DIRECTV’s channel listing. # What Channel Is Fox On DIRECTV

Does DIRECTV Have Fox?

In addition to having Fox channels available on DIRECTV, you can also access Fox’s sports, business, and news channels on the cable network.

Fox is one of the most popular TV networks in the United States. Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports 1, and Fox Sports 2 are available on the Entertainment tier of the channel package, but Fox Sports 2 is only available on the Ultimate tier.

It is not necessary to have a DIRECTV subscription to watch the first three channels. However, Fox Sports 2 requires an Ultimate or higher package to be watched. # What Channel Is Fox On DIRECTV

However, regional sports channels are only available with the Premier package, which is the only plan with regional sports channels.

What is Fox Channel?

New York City is the headquarters of this broadcast television network owned by Fox Corporation. The Fox network is part of Fox Network Group (FNG), also known as Fox Broadcasting Company (FBC).

At the time this channel was launched in October 1986, ABC, CBS, and NBC were three of the country’s most popular television networks.

There was a successful attempt at the fourth TV network, which gained popularity among all the other networks.

As well as its New York broadcasting center, Fox also has a Los Angeles television center. # What Channel Is Fox On DIRECTV

Furthermore, it ranked number one among US television networks in total viewers from 2007 to 2008. The channel made a good history during its successful travels, and it ranked as the most popular free-to-air network during this time period.

What Channel is FOX on DIRECTV?

You may be looking for a needle in a haystack when searching for FOX on DIRECTV among hundreds of channels. In order to find the channel you are looking for, you have to switch through innumerable channels that come with DIRECTV packages.

It only gets worse when you spend a lot of time flipping through channels and miss out on your favorite show. # What Channel Is Fox On DIRECTV

Fox On Directv

Birmingham6, 398, 399New Orleans8, 398, 399
Little Rock16, 398, 399Yuma 9, 398, 399
Phoenix10, 398, 399Baltimore45, 398, 399
Boston 25, 398, 399 Detroit2, 398, 399
San Diego69, 398, 399Minneapolis9, 29, 398, 399

Now it’s different! It is a good thing you are here because today we will help you make your DIRECTV channel hunt as simple as ABC. 

Here you can find the FOX channel on DIRECTV, so you can begin watching your favorite TV content as soon as you turn the TV on!

Washington DC5, 398, 399Oklahoma City25, 398, 399
Orlando35, 398, 399Portland12, 398, 399
Jacksonville30, 398, 399Philadelphia29, 398, 399
Tampa13, 398, 399Nashville17, 398, 399
Miami7, 398, 399Memphis13, 398, 399
Fort Worth4, 398, 399San Antonio29, 398, 399

The Local Channel Lookup Tool will find for you the FOX channel on DIRECTV in your city if you don’t see it in the list. Simply enter your ZIP code, and it will find the FOX channel for you.

Atlanta5, 398, 399Houston26, 398, 399
Honolulu2, 398, 399El Paso14, 398, 399
Chicago32, 398, 399Austin7, 398, 399
Kansas City4, 398, 399Dallas4, 398, 399
Louisville41, 59, 398, 399Brownsville2, 398, 399
Norfolk43, 398, 399Seattle13, 398, 399

Where Can I Stream Fox Channel?

It is also possible to stream Fox online, which is a great move that most channel networks are making in order to keep people engaged with their programs.

Fox channels and other content can be streamed via DIRECTV Stream or Fox.com by logging in with your DIRECTV account.

You’ll have to pay extra to watch Fox.com if you create an external account. You should log in with your DIRECTV account instead. Logging into the website will allow you to watch live sports, news, and other on-demand content.

What Channel Is Fox On DIRECTV

By visiting the DIRECTV Stream website or installing the app on your smart device, you can access DIRECTV Stream with your DIRECT subscription.

There is also an Android and iOS app for Fox NOW, which is a streaming version of their website. YouTube TV, Hulu, and Sling TV are also live TV streaming services you can use to watch the channel.

How many channels does DIRECTV have?

There was a wide range of DIRECTV packages available with different channel lineups. If you choose DIRECTV’s biggest package, you’ll have access to more than 330 channels, including sports, entertainment, news, movies, and more.

Channel lineups and offerings may change over time, and new channels may be added or removed.

I recommend visiting the official DIRECTV website or contacting the customer service department to obtain the most accurate and current information regarding the current channel count.

The most up-to-date information will be provided to you based on your local and specific package options.

How do I see all channels on DIRECTV guide?

You can access the full lineup of DIRECTV channels by following these steps:

  1. Your TV and DIRECTV must be turned on for DIRECTV to work.
  2. The “Guide” button on a remote usually features a grid icon or the word “Guide.”.
  3. Selecting a channel will display the channel and program information on your TV.
  4. By moving up and down the arrow buttons on your remote, you can change channels.
  5. Scrolling through the guide reveals the name, number, and program listings for each channel.
  6. Press Enter or OK to tune in to a specific channel on your remote control.

The layout and functionality of the DIRECTV guide may vary based on your receiver model and software version.

Should you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions about your DIRECTV guide, I recommend consulting the user manual or contacting DIRECTV customer support.

How much is basic DIRECTV a month?

A number of factors can affect DIRECTV basic package prices, such as your location, the package you choose, and any promotional offers or discounts that may be available.

Also, prices can change over time, so it is always best to check DIRECTV’s most recent pricing information or contact customer support. DIRECTV offers several packages starting at $59.99 per month, according to Latest infor.

It is important to note that this is an approximate price and may differ from the actual price.

You should visit the official DIRECTV website or contact their customer support for the most accurate and current pricing information based on your specific circumstances.

What Channel is MSNBC on DirecTV?


If you’re looking for a wide range of channels and diverse programming in the vast sea of television options, DIRECTV remains a popular choice.

It may seem like a small challenge to find FOX on DIRECTV, amidst the countless channel numbers and package options, but we’ve made it easy for you now.

It is important to keep in mind that channel placement can change, so it is a good idea to frequently check DIRECTV’s official website or contact their customer service to keep up to date. In the meantime, you can enjoy all of your favorite shows, sports events, and news programs on FOX by simply clicking a button.

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