FedEx Package Available For Clearance: Complete Guide

What does FedEx Package Available For Clearance mean? “FedEx Package Available for Clearance” is a phrase that holds considerable significance in the intricate world of international shipping.

Whenever you receive this notification, it marks a crucial stage in the journey of your package, when it awaits the necessary customs clearance to reach its final destination.

In this episode of the show, we will explore the nuances of what it means when FedEx allows you to clear your FedEx package. For many, it is both intriguing and perplexing at the same time.

Get to know the intricacies of customs processes, gain insight into potential delays, and equip yourself with the knowledge you need to effectively navigate this critical phase of international shipping. # FedEx Package Available For Clearance

FedEx Package Available For Clearance

If you see on FedEx that your package is available for clearance, then that means your package has arrived in the destination country and is being held by customs there.

The cargo must be inspected by customs officers in order to ensure that it adheres to all applicable requirements and is free of forbidden materials.

This process can typically take a few hours during business hours in order for the package to clear and be delivered. # FedEx Package Available For Clearance

It is important to note that there are some key points regarding the status of “available for clearance”:

  • The Fedex hub has received your package and it has entered the destination country.
  • Customs must clear the shipment before Fedex can deliver it.
  • Currently, the package is in the queue awaiting customs inspection.
  • It does not necessarily mean that something is wrong or is taking longer than expected.
  • The package can be released for final delivery once customs clearance has been completed.

In that case, you shouldn’t worry. “Available for clearance” is a standard Fedex international shipment status that simply means the shipment is waiting for customs clearance. # FedEx Package Available For Clearance

Why does My Shipment need customs clearance?

In order for a package to enter a country, it has to have an official customs clearance procedure, whether it is delivered by Fedex or any other carrier.

Authorities must verify the contents for several reasons, including:

  • In order to ensure imported goods are taxed and dutyed properly.
  • Checking if an item is allowed for import in compliance with regulations.
  • Keeping prohibited or dangerous goods out of the country.
  • Check for illegal shipments and stamp out smuggling.
  • Trade reports and statistical purposes.

A customs official inspects the paperwork sent by the sender to ensure compliance, as well as the package contents.

Once customs approves your shipment, Fedex can deliver it. To receive your international Fedex delivery, you must be “available for clearance”. # Why does My Shipment need customs clearance

How long does customs clearance take with FedEx?

You might not be able to change your package status during the waiting period because Fedex does not provide an estimated time for clearance.

Here are some general timelines:

In the USA – There is typically no delay in the clearance of Fedex shipments, and most packages clear within an hour or two of shipment arrival.

Other countries – Depending on the customs procedures in your country, it may take 1-3 days to process your order.

Delays – A shipment may need to go through additional inspections, adding time to the clearance process. Weekends and holidays can also cause delays in processing.

Stuck shipments – When Fedex requires more documents from the sender, clearance will be held up until Fedex receives these additional documents from the sender.

It is usually a day or two for Fedex packages to pass through customs, but the exceptions above can result in a longer period of time.

If you haven’t heard from Fedex after three business days, please contact them to find out if there are any issues pending.

Why is my Package Delayed at Clearance With FedEx?

If you receive a FedEx package that has been marked as “available for clearance” for a few hours or a couple of days, you may find that it takes a little longer for your package to pass through customs.

In many cases, however, your FedEx package will pass through customs with little delay, but there are some reasons why it might take longer.

One of the most common causes of clearance delays is due to the following reasons:

There is a possibility, however, that it may take another day or two for the package to be processed. This is also dependant on the volume of packages at the time. # Package Delayed at Clearance With FedEx

FedEx Package Available For Clearance

Missing or Incorrect Documents

The process of passing a package through customs will take longer if it is missing documents or if it contains documents that contain incorrect information.

In this case, it is more common for the sender to file a commercial invoice as this is a document where the sender declares and specifies the contents of the package as well as the values contained within.

In the majority of countries where you are required to send a package, you will be required to include two commercial invoices per package.

Customs officials will use these documents to determine whether the package is taxable. They may also pull aside any package that does not appear to match the commercial invoice.

If a package does not contain a commercial invoice, it will be held until the sender can resolve the problem. # Package Delayed at Clearance With FedEx

Duties and Taxes

A package that is held by FedEx due to potential duties or taxes will be contacted by FedEx to arrange payment of the estimated amount. This will be someone such as:

  • Sender
  • Receiver
  • Designated taxpayer

FedEx allows the payer to pick up the package at a local FedEx office or a courier can collect the payment when the package is delivered.

There is a fee for this service which varies from country to country.

When someone other than the receiver is responsible for paying the fees for the package, FedEx will release the package so that it can be delivered to them in a few days or less.


Packages are usually delivered on time because FedEx doesn’t take holidays and workers are usually available to keep them moving.

Around holidays, FedEx and customs workers have to deal with many more packages than normal, which puts more stress and strain on workers. This leads to a cascade of problems.

Around major holidays and long weekends, it is a good idea to ship packages as soon as possible.

Despite workers’ best efforts, things do not move as quickly as they used to because of the number of variables involved. # Package Delayed at Clearance With FedEx

How can I avoid delays in customs clearance?

Getting your package through customs as quickly as possible requires careful planning, accurate documentation, and proactive measures.

Here are some advice on how to speed up the customs clearance process:

These are some best practices to follow in order to avoid delays during customs clearance:

Prepare all necessary documentation: 

You can avoid delays in customs clearance by ensuring that all the required documentation is included in your shipment and is accurate.

Each country has its own requirements for international shipping and clearance. Customs can hold your shipment up if there is any discrepancy or missing information. # How can I avoid delays in customs clearance

Declare the actual value of goods: 

To accurately calculate duties and taxes owed to the government, the total value of the shipped product must be declared for all imported goods.

Deliveries are often undervalued in order to pay fewer taxes to the customs authorities. Accurate customs declarations allow for faster clearance.

Provide accurate and complete details:

 In order to ensure that the customs clearance process doesn’t take too long, it is essential to provide clear and accurate labeling when shipping items through customs.

Accurate information will also prevent confusion and misunderstandings during the shipping process. In order to avoid shipping delays, packages must contain exact details like the full name and address of the receiver.

Further, a complete description of the goods being shipped should be stated clearly on the package. # How can I avoid delays in customs clearance

Avoid shipping prohibited items: 

Be sure your shipment does not contain any infringing items and to prove the legitimacy of your products, you may also want to obtain additional documentation to prove that they are the rightful property of the rightful owner.

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We hope we have demystified the process of clearing FedEx packages for international shipping through this review of the customs clearance process.

Customs processes, although intricate, are essential to making cross-border shipments legal and safe.

With an understanding of the customs landscape and knowledge of the “Available for Clearance” status, you can navigate this phase with confidence.

As your FedEx package clears customs, it inches closer to its final destination as it embarks on its international adventure, which is a testament to how interconnected our globalized world is.

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