How to Fix Globe At Home LOS Red Light? Complete Guide

How to Fix Globe At Home Los Red Light? Today, in our digital age, it is essential to have a stable internet connection for both work and leisure activities.

Even so, encountering difficulties with your home internet connection can be frustrating, especially when you see your Globe At Home router flashing its red light.

In most cases, this indicator indicates that your connection is down and disrupting your online activities as a result.

It is important to keep in mind that in this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to troubleshoot and fix the red light problem associated with Globe At Home LOS (Loss of Signal).

Using these simple instructions, you can quickly restore your internet connection and start browsing, streaming, and communicating again within minutes. # Fix Globe At Home LOS Red Light

What is Loss of Signal (LOS)?

If your internet connection is disrupted due to signal loss, then this is what is known as Loss of Signal (LOS). Imagine browsing through your Facebook feed only to discover that you are unable to access any more content.

When you realize that your computer insists there is no internet access, but you’re confident that it’s fine, you notice that the modem is marked with a red LED labeled “LOS”. # Loss of Signal

But what exactly is LOS?

  • There is a term called LOS or loss of signal that stands for the loss of signal. While your modem will be able to establish a connection to your personal computer, it won’t be able to communicate with your internet service provider (ISP). No ISP connection means no access to the internet.

If you are using any of the following providers, whether it is PLDT, Globe, Converge ICT, Eastern Communications, Planet Cable, PT&T, or SkyCable, here is how you should manage LOS:

  1. Check the LED: Your modem should have an LED that blinks or remains solid red when it is labeled as “LOS” or “Internet”. In the absence of a label, consult your modem’s manual to identify the correct LED symbol.
  2. Access modem settings: Connect to your local network using Wi-Fi or Ethernet, open your internet browser, and enter the router’s address (usually or Navigate to the modem’s status page to diagnose your connection.
  3. Possible Causes of LOS:
    • Physical damage: Loose cables, damaged cable pins, or bent optic cables (for fiber internet).
    • ISP issues: Scheduled maintenance or ongoing equipment upgrades.
    • Power outages.
  4. Troubleshooting Steps:
    • Wait: Sometimes LOS resolves itself without intervention.
    • Check cables: Ensure all connectors are properly attached.
    • Power cycle: Restart your modem to fix common networking problems.

Remember, even in the age of digital, you still have to have patience and you have to make sure you check your cables! # Loss of Signal

How to Fix Globe At Home Los Red Light?

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your modem flashing red or steady when you’re in the middle of something important online when you’re a Fiber subscriber with PLDT, Globe, or Converge ICT.

As far as you are concerned, the LOS (Loss of Signal) light indicates that your network connection has been disrupted. # Fix Globe At Home LOS Red Light

Here’s how you can troubleshoot the problem and possibly resolve it:

  1. Power Cycle Your Modem/Router:
    • 5 minutes after turning off your modem, turn it back on.
    • After that, turn it back on to refresh your connection.
    • Within 3 minutes, the modem should sync.
    • LOS light indicator should be checked.
  2. Check for Loose Cables:
    • Make sure all cables connecting your modem to your fiber optic terminal box (or indoor optical outlet) are properly connected.
    • You should be cautious when handling fiber optic cables, as they are fragile and sensitive.
  3. Possible Causes of LOS (Loss of Signal):
    • An unplugged patch cord or one that is damaged.
    • A fiber cable bent to an extreme degree.
    • Your modem may not be connected to the pole or NAP unit because of a problem with the fiber cable.
    • An outage is caused by scheduled maintenance or equipment upgrades by your Internet service provider.

In most cases, LOS is caused by your ISP, not your device. So, while your WiFi may be connected, the problem lies with the external factors.

Hopefully, these steps will assist you in regaining internet connectivity. # Fix Globe At Home LOS Red Light

Fix Globe At Home LOS Red Light

How to check if you’re experiencing Loss of Signal?

A number of Internet service providers are available in the Philippines, including PLDT, Globe, Converge ICT, Sky Cable, Eastern Communications, Streamtech (Planet Cable), PT&T, and Royal Cable.

These service providers provide a variety of wired internet connections such as Fiber, VDSL (Very high-speed Digital Subscriber Lines), and DSL (Digital Subscriber Lines). # check if you’re experiencing Loss of Signal

A modem or router may display a different message when a signal is lost. In most cases, the red light at the top of the modem or router blinks or stays steady.

The label can be one of three things: (1) LOS, (2) Internet, or (3) simply no label at all. Alternatively, if there is no label on your modem, please consult the manual to determine the LED light for LOS. This unusual behavior of the LOS light in the modem needs to be addressed immediately.

The problem you may be experiencing if you’re experiencing LOS (Loss of Signal) may still leave you wondering as to why you are connected to WiFi but are not able to access the internet.

This is because the problem does not lie with your device, but with your Internet Service Provider. # check if you’re experiencing Loss of Signal

Why is my router showing red light?

It is common for your router to flash a red light when it is connected to the internet or if it shows a problem with the device.

It is possible for the exact meaning of a red light to vary depending on your router’s manufacturer and model, but a red light usually indicates that an issue needs to be addressed.

We will break down the common reasons why a router might display a red light in order to provide a comprehensive answer and to determine how likely it is that each of these factors will be the main cause. # Why is my router showing red light

Internet Service Disruption:

It is very common for your router to show a red light if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has interrupted your service.

A router may not be able to connect to the internet as a result of such disruptions due to maintenance work, an outage in your area, or technical problems on their end.

If the router cannot establish a connection to the internet due to such disruptions, it will display a red light in response to it.

Hardware Malfunction: 

Despite the fact that routers are physical devices, they are not immune to hardware failures, which can occur for a number of reasons, including internal defects, wear and tear over time, or external factors such as power surges that can damage the router.

When the router fails to function correctly, a red light usually indicates that the router has a hardware malfunction.

Firmware Issues: 

Your router’s firmware is the program that controls its behavior. If there is a malfunction in your router, such as a corruption issue or a failed firmware update, it may cause your router to malfunction and display a red light.

It could also be glitches that prevent the router from functioning normally or even the router being unable to start. # Why is my router showing red light

Configuration Errors:

 Incorrect router settings can also make it difficult for you to connect to the internet.

A red light can be triggered by such configuration errors when the router is configured incorrectly, e.g., after you manually change the settings on the router or after a reset that restores it to factory defaults that are not compatible with your network configuration.


In the same way, as with any electronics device, routers can overheat when they’re not properly ventilated, or if they’re under heavy use for a prolonged period of time.

Overheating can result in the router suspending some functions to cool down, or it can even malfunction, which is usually indicated by a red light on the router’s external display.

Probability Assessment: 

Due to these common causes, assessing the probability of each of these causes being the “main” cause at any particular time is difficult without knowing specific details about the situation.

However, based on general user experiences and expert advice, we can make the following determinations:

  • In my opinion, I believe that Internet Service Disruptions and Configuration Errors are the most probable causes. They tend to be more common and easier to fix.
  • Despite the fact that hardware malfunctions and firmware issues are possible, they are likely to be less frequent since more specific conditions are necessary for them to occur.
  • There is also the potential for overheating, but this is rather easier to identify (for example, if you check if the device is warm to the touch).

A router that shows a red light is likely to be due to Internet Service Disruptions or Configuration Errors, which make them two of the more likely causes of a router showing a red light. # Why is my router showing red light

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Your Globe At Home router’s red LOS (Loss of Signal) light can be a frustrating experience if you encounter it. This can disrupt your online activities and cause you to feel frustrated.

The knowledge you will be able to gain from this blog post, however, will be of assistance to you in troubleshooting and resolving this issue with confidence.

There are several ways in which you can restore your internet connection and banish the red light for good, whether you adjust your router settings, look for physical connection issues, or contact Globe At Home support for assistance.

If you stay proactive in addressing connectivity issues, you will be able to ensure uninterrupted access to the online resources and services that matter most to you by staying proactive in addressing connectivity issues. Today, a stable internet connection is essential in today’s digital world.

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