How To Redeem YouTube Premium Code From Discord?

How To Redeem YouTube Premium Code From Discord? You can find a variety of video content on YouTube that satisfies every conceivable interest in the vast world of digital entertainment.

There is an abundance of free content on the platform, but there is a premium tier that offers exclusive features and benefits as well.

If you find yourself in possession of a YouTube Premium code obtained through Discord, you’re on your way to enhancing your YouTube experience in ways you might not have imagined.

We’ll walk you through the process of redeeming your YouTube Premium code, ensuring that you can easily transition from being a regular YouTube user to being a premium subscriber in this guide.

With your Discord-acquired code, you’ll be able to unlock YouTube Premium’s full potential, whether you’re a seasoned YouTube aficionado or a newcomer eager to learn more. # Redeem YouTube Premium Code From Discord

What Is Discord Nitro

There are no subscription charges when signing up for Discord. It is free to use, and its free basic plan allows you to access most of its features.

A basic Discord account, however, has some limitations. For instance, you only have access to over 100 servers at a time. You cannot create custom Discord tags or profile banners.

Discord Nitro is a subscription plan offered by Discord that allows you to access these advanced features. It is available on a monthly or yearly basis. In addition to accessing more features, you will also be able to access more features with the subscription plan.

Here’s the thing, Discord has teamed up with YouTube to offer you a three-month free trial of YouTube Premium. The catch is, you must already have a Discord Nitro subscription to take advantage of the free trial.

How To Redeem YouTube Premium Code From Discord?

Activating YouTube Premium by redeeming a Discord code is an easy process that unlocks a trove of premium features and benefits.

Follow these instructions to seamlessly activate your YouTube Premium account:

1. Log in to Your YouTube Account:

Make sure you are signed in to the Google account that you want to associate with your YouTube Premium subscription before you open the YouTube app on your mobile device or visit the YouTube website on your computer.

2. Navigate to Your Account Settings:

To access your account settings, click on your profile picture or avatar, which will reveal a dropdown menu. Select “Settings” or “Your data in YouTube” from the menu to reveal your account settings. # Redeem YouTube Premium Code From Discord

3. Locate the “Redeem Code” Option:

Search for a redemption option in your account settings. This could be labeled “Redeem Code,” “Activate Premium,” or something similar.

Click on this option to redeem your code.

4. Enter Your YouTube Premium Code:

Upon opening the YouTube Premium page, you will be asked to input the YouTube Premium code that you received from Discord.

Take your time and double-check for any typos.

5. Confirm and Complete the Redemption:

Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm and complete the redemption process. You may need to click a “Redeem” or “Submit” button.

Please be patient while the system processes your code.

6. Enjoy YouTube Premium:

You’re all set! Your YouTube account has now been upgraded to Premium status and you’re now able to enjoy ad-free viewing, offline viewing, background play, and other premium features.

There may be differences in the availability of certain features depending on your region, and some benefits may change over time.

Make sure that your account meets the YouTube Premium eligibility criteria before redeeming the code if you encounter any issues during the redemption process. # Redeem YouTube Premium Code From Discord

How To Redeem YouTube Premium Code From Discord Web or Desktop?

  1. You can use the desktop application or the website to sign up for a Discord account.
  2. The settings icon can be found at the bottom of the page once you have logged in.
  3. Go to the “User Settings” page and click on the “Gift Inventory” section.
  4. The “See Code” button is located next to the “Your Gifts” section.
  5. You will be presented with a window showing your premium code. Click on the “Redeem” button.

We will now see how to redeem the redeem code that you’ve just copied to your clipboard.

Redeem YouTube Premium Code From Discord

How To Redeem YouTube Premium Code From Discord Mobile?

The following steps will guide you through claiming the code on your iOS or Android device.

  1. Go to your Discord application and open it.
  2. You can access the menu by signing in and tapping the top-right icon.
  3. You can access your profile picture by tapping the bottom right corner.
  4. Tap “Nitro Gifting” in the “Nitro Settings” or “Billing Settings” section of the settings page.
  5. The “Claim” button can be found under “Your Gifts”.
  6. You will see a window where you can copy the claim. Tap the “Copy” button in the window.

You will now need to redeem the YouTube Premium offer once you have copied your premium code.

  1. You can redeem YouTube videos on your browser by visiting the YouTube Redeem website.
  2. Copy and paste your Discord account’s code once it opens.
  3. The next screen will appear. Click “Next.”.
  4. Upon arriving at the page, click on the “Try it Free” button.
  5. Decide what payment method you want to use.
  6. In order to activate your offer, you must click the “Start 3-month trial” button.

For the next three months, you can enjoy YouTube Premium for free. Remember to cancel your account when the free period expires to avoid getting charged a monthly membership fee.

If you like the service, you can keep it active and pay. # Redeem YouTube Premium Code

Fix Discord Nitro YouTube Premium Code Not Working

It is not unusual for Discord Nitro users to be unable to redeem the Youtube Premium code. You are not alone in this situation either – many users have encountered the same issue.

  • In some cases, this may happen when too many people are trying to use the code at the same time. You can try again in a couple of days or after some time.
  • You cannot take advantage of this offer if you are currently subscribed to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium. You cannot also take advantage of this offer if you have previously participated in a trial of YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium.
  • You can take advantage of this promo only if you live in the following countries: USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa and Turkey.
  • This means that if you do not fit the requirements, you will be unable to use Discord Nitro Youtube Premium code.

Claim YouTube Premium Promo Code Via Discord Web

YouTube Premium is available worldwide. The Discord Nitro deal is not just for US users; it is applicable to anyone who has access to YouTube Premium and Nitro in their country.

Here are the eligibility requirements, how to obtain the code, and how to redeem it on YouTube without further ado.

  • Open the Discord desktop or browser client and click the Settings icon at the bottom of the panel.
  • From Discord’s left-hand menu, select “Gift Inventory”.
  • The “YouTube Premium (3 months)” gift will now appear beneath “Your Gifts.” Click “See Code” to access your free trial code.
  • When the YouTube Freemium membership code is displayed, click the “Redeem” button after choosing the “Copy” option to copy it to your clipboard.

Eligibility Criteria To Obtain 3 Months Of Free YouTube Premium

For a Discord subscription of 3 months of YouTube Premium, the following criteria/requirements must be met:

  1. The Epic Games Store offers a free three-month subscription to Discord Nitro if you followed our reporting.
  2. Then you would have three months of YouTube Premium and three months of Discord Nitro.
  3. The code you received from Discord can only be used by new YouTube Premium members.
  4. If you have a Google Play Music subscription, a YouTube Premium subscription, or a YouTube Red subscription, your profile is not qualified.
  5. India is the only significant exception to this promotion, which is accessible in all countries where Discord Nitro and YouTube Premium are available.
  6. Due to the recent Reserve Bank of India e-mandate notice, YouTube has discontinued its free trial offer.
  7. You are therefore not eligible to benefit from this offer if you live in India.

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For those seeking a premium, uninterrupted experience in the dynamic world of online content consumption, YouTube Premium stands out.

The process of redeeming a YouTube Premium code from Discord is straightforward and provides access to ad-free content, offline viewing, and exclusive features.

Take advantage of your YouTube Premium subscription not only to support content creators, but also to elevate your own viewing experience as you embark on this journey.

So, dive into the world of premium content, free from interruptions, and immerse yourself in the boundless offerings that YouTube Premium offers. Unlock the doors to YouTube’s premium features with your Discord code.

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